Continuum EditorialHow do I duplicate an article?

How do I duplicate an article?

You may find it would be faster and easier to copy an article and update the content than to start from scratch. This article shows you how to duplicate articles.

1. On your dashboard, under Editorial, select articles and then search and select the article you wish to duplicate.

2. When the article manager opens, click on the three gray dots in the upper right corner to expose the Duplicate button

A confirmation message saying "your article has been created" will pop up and your "Copy of - " will populate in the article manager.

3. Make the updates to the article.

Make updates to the article, including the Headline, which will always start with "Copy of - ".

4. Check the Auto SEO update button and then Save

This will ensure that all the changes you made to the Headline, Teaser and Keywords will be automatically updated on the SEO tab, including the URL.

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