Continuum Creating, Managing & Selling SubscriptionsHow do I setup a site license for a group?

How do I setup a site license for a group?

This article explains how to setup a site license group in the admin. Check with your Project Manager to ensure your site has site license functionality. Site licenses are a great way to offer a group a subscription. Typically, site licenses are negotiated directly with a prospective group. Site license groups have an expiration date and subscriptions which are applicable to all the members in the group. Once you are ready to setup the site license group, then execute the following steps.

1. In the admin, click on marketing > User > and then click create (blue plus sign).

2. In the Type of user field, select Site license.

3. Put in the group name in the Company field, add the name of the main contact person, and add an email address.

Note: since ePublishing’s system does not allow duplicate email addresses, we advise entering the email as "[email protected]" For example, company ABC would have [email protected]

4. Click Save Changes.

5. Click on the Subscriptions tab.

6. Setup all of the subscriptions for the group. This includes selecting the subscription type, what the subscription is for (such as a specific newsletter), the resource, and beginning and end dates. Your group can have more than one subscription. When all the subscriptions are setup, click Create.

7. Make sure you chose your license type.

8. Create a code and put it in the Site License Code field - under the general tab. Be sure to include some random numbers and letters. For example, for company ABC you could create the code ABC224hhjs. Copy that code so you can use it when you setup individuals in the group. Click save. Your group is now setup

9. Optional step: If individuals in the group are going to use the form on your website to sign up, then you can add a description and image. This is often the group's logo. This personalizes the group's sign up page.

10. Optional step: you can add a limit to the number of users who can join the group with the field Site License Maximum User Count.

11. Click Save.