ePublishing Knowledge BaseContinuum Managing the WebsiteWhat do I need to provide Continuum to purchase or renew an SSL certificate for my site?

What do I need to provide Continuum to purchase or renew an SSL certificate for my site?

For your site to handle payments and any secure sending of user data, Continuum has an SSL certificate in your name for your site. When your site is first built on the Continuum system, we purchase an SSL certificate for you. And every you this SSL certificate must be renewed.

Confirm or Provide the following information to your project manager.

Your project manager needs the following things from you to do this:

  1. Your company's official name
  2. Your company's mailing address
  3. An approved email address to receive and approve the SSL certificate request.

By "approved" email address, it means one of the following

  • Email that is on the domain record as the technical contact.
  • An email address that beings with one of the following:
  • admin@yourdomain.com
  • info@yourdomain.com
  • webmaster@yourdomain.com

The reason for this is fraud protection and to prevent the unauthorized creation of an SSL certificate.

What happens next?

  1. Continuum will purchase the SSL certificate.
  2. Our SSL certificate provider will send a confirmation and approval email to the contact email address with instructions on how to approve.
  3. Your team follows those instructions and approves the SSL certificate request.
  4. Our SSL certificate provider will send the SSL certificate to the contact email address.
  5. The contact person will forward that email with the SSL certificate attached file to Continuum.
  6. Continuum implements the SSL certificate on our servers for your site, and your site is protected for secure purchases and transmissions of data.