Continuum Creating Images, Image Galleries, Videos, Podcasts and Downloadable FilesHow do I upload new media, such as photos, videos and files?

How do I upload new media, such as photos, videos and files?

To upload new media, such as photos, videos, PDF files and other, to your Media Manager, access the Media Manager from the left nav and follow the steps in this article.

Within the Media Manager, click Add Image to Browse and select images on your computer. Or Drag and Drop an image or images from a folder into the Media Manager directly.

Edit the Title, Alt Text, Description and Caption for the Image by clicking on the file name in the Media Manager.

Most of the time, the Title aligns with the content an image will be associated with, such as a blog post or podcast. The Description is important for accessibility; for users that can't see, for example, the description is used to provide an audio description of the image.

The Caption should only be used if you want a caption to appear. The Alt Text is important for search engines, and should always be populated with relevant descriptive content.  Save your changes when these fields are updated.

To assign your image to a taxonomy (topic, category, etc), use the Advanced tab.

If you are editing an existing file, view the content the media is already associated with under Assigned To tab.