How do I change a reader's password?

Occasionally, readers lose their passwords and call you for help.

The first option: Your readers can change their own passwords on your website. On the site, have the user go to /user/login. They can either type this in or click the Log In or Sign In button. Then on the log-in page (/user/login), they can click "Forgot your password?" to reset it.

The other option for updating reader passwords using the User Manager is covered in this article.

1. Access the User Manager under Marketing in your main navigation on your dashboard.

2. Enter the user's name or other identifying information in the Search field, and hit Enter.

3. Open the reader's profile by clicking on their name.

4. In the User Manager, click Password in the Password field.
5. You won't be able to see the reader's password, but you can update it by assigning a new one. Type the new password in the field and click Save Changes in the top right.

This password will override any previous passwords.

The admin tool won't force good password practices, but you should make sure the password matches these rules:

  1. At least six (6) characters long.
  2. Includes a mixture of numbers and letters.
  3. Ideally, mix the case of the letters and add punctuation.
7. Encourage your reader to update his password after logging in with the temporary password you set up.

Direct your client to https://yourdomain/user/profile to change their password.

8. A user can also request a password reset by going to https://yourdomain/user/login and clicking on "Forgot your password?"